By Arturo Alejandro Canseco, Associate at Dentons Mexico

The term “Metaverse” has rocketed ultimately to the top of our newsfeeds in recent months. Up until now, the Proof of Concept (POC) has only been found in the big tech companies like Facebook now (“META”) or Nvidia. Rapidly, most of these companies are launching interesting projects that sometimes leave us breathless, currently are launching products to the market.

Metaverse represents the next iteration of the internet – a 3Dimensional experience of the internet that fully immerse the user, rather than simply looking from the outside in a new reality, this will lead to an ever-increasing blurring of the lines between the virtual and physical and virtual world.


According to Forbes “alternate digital realities where people work, play and socialize. You can call it Metaverse, the mirror world, the Augmented Reality (AR) cloud, the magic verse, the spatial internet, or live maps, but one thing is for certain, it´s coming and it´s a big deal”.

The concept of seamless commercial interoperability between virtual proprietary spaces is one of the elements for businesses looking to engage with the Metaverse. The global technology giants are well-positioned to advance and shape for future development of the Metaverse, while businesses in the financial, marketing, media, scholar, retail, sectors are likely to see significant opportunities.

The Metaverse is, right now, mostly a promise. But a tenuous one. For now, the narrative of this new world involves the big tech and crypto community fortunately but I´m sure if it works the Centralized world will immerse too.

Metaverses allow creators, to make digital creations on digital tools and thus offer services these goods are there on blockchain technology.

I hope sincerely that this new world could change many lives forever offering new opportunities sounds good right? Welcome to the new era!


Arturo Alejandro Canseco
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