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Article & Blog, GAME OF FINTECH

Fintech Future-Disrupt or Be Disrupted 

Impact investing has been described as one of the most powerful new trends which includes emerging markets. Increased social awareness and interest in ESG conscious investing have spurred investment in a variety of financial instruments that can facilitate the attainment of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Furthermore, the Fintech industry can become a major catalyst for impact investing in other industries as well. While converging technologies clearly play a foundational role, we need to pay special attention to digital ethics and apply design thinking methodology in order to build a human-centric Fintech 2.0.

Article & Blog, GAME OF FINTECH

Fintech Future- Embracing ESG 

Network builders, investors, wealth advisors, funders, academics and government officials are all being called upon to create a new global impact investment ecosystem with state of the art tax legislation and corporate governance laws that foster ESG consciousness.
As a long term strategy, we could aim towards the deployment of ESG-As A Service which could profoundly disrupt and transform the investment ecosystem globally.
Only by continuing to optimize our environmental efforts, increasing diversity and inclusion, as well as embedding social responsibility into the board governance fabric can we truly hope for a Fintech Future that embraces, nurtures and grows all relevant ESG domains.

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