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GAME OF FINTECH – Article & Blog


Article & Blog, GAME OF FINTECH

Fintech Future- Embracing ESG 

Network builders, investors, wealth advisors, funders, academics and government officials are all being called upon to create a new global impact investment ecosystem with state of the art tax legislation and corporate governance laws that foster ESG consciousness.
As a long term strategy, we could aim towards the deployment of ESG-As A Service which could profoundly disrupt and transform the investment ecosystem globally.
Only by continuing to optimize our environmental efforts, increasing diversity and inclusion, as well as embedding social responsibility into the board governance fabric can we truly hope for a Fintech Future that embraces, nurtures and grows all relevant ESG domains.

Article & Blog, GAME OF FINTECH

The Power of Fintech in Fueling The Blue Economy 

All stakeholders in the fintech ecosystem play a key role and the principles that are foundational to creating a sustainable Blue Economy Financial System were jointly developed by the European Union, World Wildlife Fund, World Resources Institute and the European Investment Bank. Banks, insurers, investors, international organizations, scientists and researchers can all shape the future of Blue Fintech.

Article & Blog, GAME OF FINTECH

Building Sustainable and Inclusive Fintech Ecosystems -Powered by Design Thinking 

Design Thinking offers a unique approach that fosters creativity and can be used by all stakeholders when developing Sustainable and Inclusive Fintech Ecosystems. Originally introduced by Tim Brown and Roger Martin, the concept of design thinking emphasizes consumer-centricity and design as a value creation.By adopting a culture of continuous improvement at an enterprise level a design thinking approach can also ensure a dynamic adaption to any novel crisis or scientific advancements.

Article & Blog, GAME OF FINTECH

Fintech-The Great Enabler of Smart Cities 

The Fintech ecosystem can serve not only as a great enabler, but also as a connector and gateway for smart cities development by riding the financial divide, connecting stakeholders, and promoting the development of alternate funding mechanisms for smart cities. Purpose-driven banking, impact investments, green and blue fintech are all trends that can greatly enhance smart cities development. By supporting sustainable and inclusive societies that use technologies in a responsible way green and blue fintech can augment many of the indicators used to calculate performance in the Global Smart City Index.

Article & Blog, GAME OF FINTECH

50 Shades of Fintech 

Emerging technologies are shaping the financial services industry and are likely to cause a further expansion of the chromatic fintech innovation scale. However for a sustainable large scale adoption of all these novel shades of fintech services it will be important to revise the legal and regulatory landscape, as well as to enhance the financial inclusion efforts.

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