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Key Amendments to UAE ESR and Updated guidance 

Key Amendments to UAE ESR and Updated guidance By Alia Noor, FCMA, CIMA, MBA, Oxford fintech programme, GCC VAT Comp Dip, COSO Framework ,Associate Partner Ahmad Alagbari Chartered Accountants   Recently in August 2020 significant changes were made in Economic substance regulations of the UAE via amendments to the Regulations by…

GOOD BAD AND UGLY, Inspiration Quotes

Power of Speaking 

“Power of Speaking” Even though we learn to talk at a very young age,yet  it takes us a lifetime to learn to speak well. Power of saying It right besides the message and words , emotions and voice, tone, pitch and confidence of the messenger are equally important to make it revolutionary, motivational or even understood rightly. Leaders had always used Power of speeches to change the world. like the Gettysburg Address, (1863) by Abraham Lincoln,  first speech as Britain’s Prime Minister by Winston Churchill’s or I Have a Dream, (1963), by Martin…