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Article & Blog, GAME OF FINTECH

The Fintech Trifecta: 5G, Blockchain and AI 

Numerous technologies are in the race to play a center stage role in building a state of the art global fintech ecosystem. Industry experts agree that there are a few candidates who can markedly accelerate this process and potentially even lead to large scale fintech adoption globally. In this article we propose that the optimal fintech trifecta includes: 5G, Blockchain and AI.

Article & Blog, GAME OF FINTECH

Are Cryptocurrencies a bank´s business? Oh Yes! 

The recent open letter published by the OCC is nothing less than a door opener for Banks into the world of cryptoassets/-currencies. Now any national bank can hold onto the unique cryptographic keys for a cryptocurrency wallet, clearing the way for national banks to hold digital assets for their clients. With this regulatory gap now closed and banks as intermediaries trusted by investors being able to move into the cryptosphere, a massive inflow of investment into this market is likely to be expected. However, given this banking revolution, banks now need a new type of infrastructure. They must be able to hold, store, or transmit cryptographic assets that are being kept, managed, and secured for others. And this is where Fintechs come into play! FinTechs, like the silicon-valley based Vesto descirbed in the article, have moved beyond just offering custodial services to supporting a complete end-to-end crypto banking-as-a-service platform.

Article & Blog, GAME OF FINTECH

Quantum Computing- A Pathway to Exponential Fintech Adoption? 

By deploying quantum at a larger scale within the fintech ecosystem it is foreseeable that quantum technology can become a major catalyst for adoption of fintech solutions globally.Fintech lies at the crossroads of exponential technologies and has been identified by the World Economic Forum and the World Bank as one of the major drivers of economic recovery. The WEF Global Future Council on Quantum Computing has recently laid out the future trends and highlighted how this new technology can transform multiple industries. The global impact on economic growth can be optimized by optimizing digital and financial inclusion, as well as fostering the development of an exponential economy where cross- and inter-disciplinary silos are overcome.

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