COVID19 pandemic has shown us The Good, The Bad and —The Ugly of humanity



  • Nearly 392,802 deaths in 192 countries (WHO, 6th June)
  • Number of cases surpassing 6 ,663, 304 worldwide (WHO, 6th June)
  • Much of global economy has been lock down
  • Corona virus could push half a billion people into poverty— World Bank
  • World is facing worst economic crisis since Great Depression — IMF chief


  • Mass layoffs
  • Many Business closures
  • Countries will be left with huge deficits
  • Central Banks will raise #interestrates
  • Increased capital risks due to businesses bankruptcies & consumer defaults


  • Every cloud has a silver lining,
  • Even the darkness of the novel corona virus pandemic,
  • It can be contained, and China has done it.
  • Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence AI Bio genetic + Digital tech have converged as the new Tech 3.0
  • Rise of Remote working with AI and 5G
  • Well-being of employees is now generally equal in status to the customer.
  • World with clean energy is likely to come out of this crisis relatively unscathed
  • Carbon footprint left by industrialization has reduced to levels unattainable by years of stringent regulation
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