Hall Of Fame- Success Story

Mr. Sharif Tabani,
Council member of (ICAP) Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan
Founder of Tabani’s School of Accountancy (TSA)


Mr. Tabani is an acknowledged professional accounting tutor and mentor, who has been teaching to the students of business and accountancy for more than 30 years.

He is regarded as a pre-eminent professional in the field of Chartered Accountancy and currently serving the ICAP Council for the second term. He has also served as Vice President during 2018-19. His contribution to the Council and various committees either as a Chairman or as a member of those committees are unparalleled, especially in the field of education & training.

His main focus is to improve the quality of intake, bring in dynamic changes in the curriculum in line with the latest changing scenario, improving the quality of exam papers and the results. He is a Leader on one hand and a very good team member on the other hand. He is working along with his all Council Team members to service the ICAP membership and the beloved Country, Pakistan.

Mr.Tabani also served as a member of the Board of Governance of PIPFA for two years and actively contributed to the education and examination departments. His experience of working with the representatives of AGP, ICMAP, PIPFA, and ICAP colleges has been an unmatched learning experience.

Mr.Tabani was born in the same year 1961 when The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan was established, he qualified CA in September 1987 attempt and  completed his graduation in 1982.





I started mentoring on 1st November 1987 and have devoted more than fifty percent of life in this profession.

Being visionary. teacher I had always tried to plan for both current and future simultaneously as current actions must be integrated with a futuristic approach.I believe that a good leader must possess both qualities, i.e. taking quick and ad-hoc decisions as well as planned and strategic decisions.

After serving for more than ten years I felt a dire need for quality education
at Intermediate and graduation level. Therefore, I established Tabani’s College
and admitted only 12 students in their first year.

With my team we set a target and worked day and night and with only 12 students
and one student stood at 1st position and since then Tabani’s College has been
producing overall five positions out of first ten top positions.

Since then TSA has been crossing all millstones in terms of producing highest top-notch professional accountants.


Alhamdulillah! Around seventy percent of finance heads from the southern region, are alumni of TSA.”

Quality Education is now a synonym for the Tabani’s School of Accountancy (TSA), which was established in 1998. For more than two decades. TSA has been imparting quality education to the highest number of professional students and producing the best results. The first result of CA was more than double the average of the ICAP result and highest in whole Pakistan and Alhamdulillah, my team has kept their flag still at the highest level.

TSA is the only Platinum Status Institution for conducting ACCA courses in the Southern region. Platinum Status is awarded only to those institutions that maintain the quality matrix. To cater to the need for current disruptions, TSA has now established at least five additional classrooms with an average of 50 computers each, where classes are conducted through the computers. All students are given a unique login ID and all work done in the classroom is saved in their portal, which is accessible either on mobile or computers in their home. In addition to such classrooms, TSA has two well-equipped labs for students and hold Computer Based Examination, being conducted by the British Council.

Under recent  lockdown situation, TSA had arranged live-streamed online classes within 48 hours and has been conducting classes very successfully and effectively. Besides classes, another big challenge is holding the exams. TSA has been conducting quizzes and 3 hour exams successfully along with e-marking.



I am worried about the gap between the current educational curriculum
and system and the mid-set and behavior of students of millennium age.
This gap between the pace of the changes in technology and the existing
system has been widening substantially.
Any further delay will collapse the whole system.

On an ad-hoc basis, TSA has established a separate department known as Road to Excellence (RTE). This department has successfully conducted a couple of batches on Power BI, RTE, Data Analysis, etc.

Now my son is following my legacy and has established an independent Computer Testing Centre serving the Govt. and local businesses with more than 450 computers for conducting exams for foreign & local computer-based examinations.




Forward-looking and consistency are the keys to achieving the targeted goals and Flexibility is the single-track approach to success.

Besides your professional activities have some personal activities as well, I am fond of gardening and have created a roof garden with 600 square foot garden and with more than 50 different indoor and outdoor plants. I have grown almost every type of vegetables in my roof garden. And now I have established a farm where i have assorted and fancy chickens, ducks, cows, goats, etc.


My message for everyone is to please spare some quality time for yourself.