Hall Of Fame- Success Story

Mr. Khalid Petiwala
Founder Al-Hamd Academy


Mr Khalid Petiwala is a renowned author and mentor in the field of Taxation, Corporate law and Cost and Management Accounting. He is founder of “Al-Hamd Academy” and “Al-Hamd College of professional Education” (ACPE).

He has  published various books on, Advanced Taxation including Sales Tax and Federal Excise Duty,Principles of Taxation including Sales Tax, Company Law: Intermediate Level, and suggested solutions of Cost and Management Accounting with Tutorial Notes. His lecture videos are also available on youtube on Advanced Taxation for  professional level students.

He has been teaching at ICAP “The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan” and “ICMAP Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan” as well.

By profession he is a Chartered Accountant from “Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan” and has been associated with EY in Tax and Corporate department.

Mr. Petiwala has been a mentor to countless students who are in every corner of the globe from Pakistan to GCC, from US to Europe. His way of mentorship, his thoughts and communication had positively impacted and inspired hundred and thousands of professionals.


Wherever he goes someone somewhere always recognizes him and expresses their gratitude for influencing their thoughts and giving them hope in bleak times.





I have come from a humble background – I am the third child from the pack of eight in a low income family – and in early days I help my father in our family business of law and corporate books. I had to walk endless miles in the hot weather to deliver books, or the days they would step into the shop in the earliest hours of the morning to clean up for the day ahead.

Since the family consisted mostly of those running self-owned businesses, choosing to step into the Chartered Accountancy profession was a tough decision, not one that was easily understood or accepted by family and close associates.

Despite the challenges I joined the audit firm Ernst & Young (Formerly: Sidat Hyder) in 1982 for article ship and working diligently, I completed my articles in 1986. After that I joined EY tax and corporate department and was promoted to Senior Manager.



It has been a defining moment in my life when I decided to step outside of my comfort zone in 1993, leaving Sidat Hyder. I followed my passion of the profession of teaching and started  educating young minds of Chartered Accountancy. 

I had a vision to deliver high quality Financial Education & to develop Competency-Based & Job-Oriented business leadership through Professional Education & Training to cater the need of the industry and society globally.

“It was a big challenge in the face of uncertainty, especially during those days when teaching wasn’t a lucrative profession and it was a lot more glamorous to simply join a big multinational company.”

The early days were the hardest. I didn’t have a place to conduct classes and there were no study packs available from the institute – everything had to be built from scratch.


 It took four years extreme dedications, perseverance, and patience. What started off as a single class in a small shop in 1994 later went on to become “Alhamd Academy” 

To date the Al-Hamd Academy has established five branches; two branches in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (one in Riyadh and one in Jeddah) in 2011, two in Karachi, one in Hyderabad and Work is in progress to open another two branches in Karachi soon.

The Academy is offering CA, ACCA, CIMA, PIPFA and Other Executive programs. Since then I am involved in teaching Taxation (main forte), Corporate Laws and Cost & Management A/c.

In order to upgrade the quality of students, those who are pursuing for Professional Education and to impart education to Inter Commerce and B.com students. Al-Hamd Academy had opened Degree College, in 2001,”Al-Hamd College of professional Education” (ACPE).



Petiwala has succeeded in setting a precedent for the quality, ethics and code of conduct of the teaching profession.His message to professionals is ;


“living is not just leaving your mark on the world; it is leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind for others to follow.”