Fraud Tree – Part1 –

“Asset Misappropriation Fraud scheme”

Fraud Alert & Awareness

  • Study says – Asset misappropriation schemes are the most common type of fraud – approx. 86%
  • A typical organization loses 5% – 7% of its revenues to fraud each year

Asset misappropriation scheme in which an employee steals or misuses the employing organization’s resources (e.g., theft of company cash, false billing schemes, or inflated expense reports)

Understand  Fraud Tree and remain vigilant to save yourself and organization from Fraud in this difficult time!!

Criminals are very Opportunistic.

Some Victims can be:

1. Unemployed looking for work
2. looking for medical attention and medical equipment
3. Work from home job offers
4. People are trying hard to protect themselves and their families

Scams can include but not limited to the below:

1. Telephone fraud
2. Phishing – emails
3. Investment and charity and fraud
4. Testing & traetment Fraud

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UAE’s first national fraud awareness campaign begins to curb Covid-19 scams –

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