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Category: Inspiration Quotes

GOOD BAD AND UGLY, Inspiration Quotes


“Optimism” Optimists are likely to see the causes of failure or negative experiences as temporary rather than permanent, specific rather than global, and external rather than internal. Such a perspective enables optimists to more easily see the possibility of change. Psychologist Martin Seligman, the founding…

GOOD BAD AND UGLY, Inspiration Quotes

Positive Thinking 

“Positive Thinking” Results often reveal a person’s mindset. Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.Thinking positively isn’t about ignoring reality. It’s about living proactively. One study showed that when people who thought…

Inspiration Quotes

Avoid Toxic People 

“Avoid Toxic People” Toxic people manipulate the emotions of the people around them. They need to be the center of attention and they have a need to exercise control over the people and situations that surround them. They criticize you constantly and defy logic. They…